You might have questions about the R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure experience and we’re here to help! Bellow are the answers to some of most Frequently Asked Questions.

If the answer to your question is not located below, or you would like further clarification, please feel free to email us at or call us at (479) 575-5002.

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How much does R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure cost and what does this cost cover?

The R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure fee is $449.00 and covers all on and off-campus lodging, program meals, program materials, a camp t-shirt, and outdoor recreation equipment. Please note that there is a $50.00 processing fee to cancel your registration before the deadline (June 24, 2019) and any cancelation after this date will incur a NON-REFUNDABLE full camp charge, so plan your schedules accordingly before registering!

How do I sign up for R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

Registration can be accessed HERE! Please note that the program is limited to 20 students per session, and registration comes on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration will remain open until one week prior to the first day of your session, unless filled before that time.

Where will I stay during R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

During our days off campus, students will stay in a furnished cabin area near Ponca, AR. Students will stay in a University of Arkansas residence hall room on the first and last night of R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure. More details will be emailed to those who sign up for Adventure.

Do I need to be an experienced camper if I want to attend R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?


No prior outdoor recreation experience is required, but a willingness to be an active participant, as well as a team player, is very important for this program. Certified staff will assist campers during activities. The activities are designed for a variety of skills sets, so all students will have the opportunity to participate and have fun!

How do I pay for R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

The $449.00 R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure fee will automatically be charged to your university student fee statement (this fee will be added to your account either late July or early August). This is the only way to pay for R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure, as it is part of the registration process.

Can I cancel my registration for R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure and receive a refund?

Yes you can. The cancellation deadline to receive a refund for all sessions of R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure by Monday, June 24, 2019 by 5:00pm, however you will still be charged a $50 processing fee to cancel your registration before the deadline. Any cancelations after this deadline will be charged the full camp fee to accommodate for expenses already paid and accrued for holding your spot in R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure.

To cancel your registration please email FROM YOUR UARK EMAIL ACCOUNT requesting a cancellation of your registration by the aforementioned deadline. Our staff will make the change and email you to confirm it has been made. You may switch to another session of Adventure (i.e. Session 1 to 3) or to our August program if it is before that camp’s registration cut off date. Switching after this cut off date is processed as a cancelation due to the fact that we’ve already accounted for you attending the session which you are trying to switch out from. Should you change sessions before the registration cut off date you will be charged only the fees associated with your new program for which you registered.

Where do I check-in for R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

After completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email to your student email account by the Friday of each week. This email will have specifics on where to check-in for R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure and where available parking will be located.

I have a conflict and won’t be able to participate until later in the week. Can I come to R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure late?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept students late, as we will be leaving campus shortly after check-in and not returning until the last day of camp. For questions or concerns about timing, please contact R.O.C.K. Camp at 479-575-5002.

I am planning to participate in Sorority Recruitment or Fraternity Rush; can I still attend R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

Yes! No session of R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure has any conflicts with sorority recruitment or fraternity rush.

I might need special accommodations related to my ability or disability at R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure. What do I need to do?

There is a place for you to explain what special needs you may have on the registration website. R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure activities can be adjusted for students with different kinds of ability levels; however, there are certain abilities that are required to participate in this program because of the nature of the activities. If you feel that it is necessary to gain further clarification or provide further information, please contact R.O.C.K. Camp at or call (479) 575-5002. For additional information about the University of Arkansas campus and receiving special accommodations, please visit the Center for Educational Access at

I have special dietary needs, will I be able to have these needs met at R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

At R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure, we are able to make accommodations to most any need; however, it is very important that you inform us of these needs prior to camp so that we can have this prepared. You can do this within the registration process. All of the food supplies for our time in the Buffalo National Park will be purchased prior to your arrival to campus.

What should I do with my medication when we are at R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

We will have the ability to store medication for you if needed. If you do have medication, we ask that you please be sure and inform us about these needs on the registration website.

Is there cell phone at service R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

There is limited cell phone service during R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure, because the majority of the trip will be spent in Buffalo National Park. In the event of an emergency, please reference the emergency numbers for the program that will be provided in your confirmation email. The staff will also have a satellite phone that can make emergency phone calls if necessary.

What do I need to pack for R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure?

A packing list will be sent to you in your final confirmation letters before camp.

Example of supplies provided by camp:

  • Food (3 meals per day +2 snack per day in the backcountry)
  • Climbing equipment
  • Canoeing equipment
  • Stoves, pots, utensils, bowls, etc.
  • Map, compass, route information
  • First Aid Kit (Instructor first aid kits DO NOTcontain any prescribed medications such as Epi-Pens, inhalers, insulin, etc., therefore, it is the participants responsibility to provide all necessary medications and/or prescriptions and are required to make instructors aware of medications needed.)



In case of emergency, will there be staff present at R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure to assist me?

All R.O.C.K. Camp Adventure staff members are CPR/First Aid and Wilderness First Responder certified.

PHONE: (479) 575.5002